Remove Products

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove all the products. With the 'VidaXL for WooCommerce' plugin you can remove all the products that were imported using the plugin easily. 

All products:

Removing all the import products can be done on the same page as where you imported them.

Click on Delete all imported products to started the deletion process.

When you remove the products with the 'VidaXL for WooCommerce' plugin, they'll be removed definitely from your WooCommerce webshop. They won't be placed in the Trash.

Single product:

If you want to remove a single product, you can do this in the normal way of WooCommerce.
Find the product you want to delete in your product overview and hover with your mouse over it to see all the available options.

Click on Trash to move the product to the trash.

When a product has been moved to the Trash, you'll see a confirmation. Click on Undo if you changed your mind and want to place the product back

To remove the product definitely, go to the Trash by clicking on Trash in the top navigation menu.

You can find in the Trash the products you removed manually. When you hover with your mouse on the product, you'll see the available options. Click on Delete Permanently  to delete the product definitely.

When the product has been deleted permanently, you'll see a confirmation.

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