Import products from VidaXL

When you have completed all the steps from creating an account at VidaXL, to configuring the WooCommerce plugin, you can start importing products. For this you have received an XML URL from VidaXL by e-mail. You need this XML URL.

Do you have no idea which XML URL to use? Here you can find all XML feed URLs per country.

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > tab VidaXL
  2. Click on Import products
  3. Fill in the XML feed URL and click Get categories
  4. Have you retrieved all categories? Then you can start with selecting the categories you would like to import.
  5. Have you selected all categories? Click on Check for products.
  6. The amount of products in the selected categories will appear now. Click on Import products to import those products into your WooCommerce webshop.
While the products are being imported, you can continue with editting your webshop. A progress bar will be visible, indicating in percentages how far the import is.


Is the import completed successfully? Then you can start selling! Is the import of products stuck? Then try resetting it. If this doesn't help, then read the article importing products gets stuck.
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