Configuration of the VidaXL settings


Before you can start selling your products with dropshipping via VidaXL, you must correctly configure the settings of the WooCommerce plugin. We are happy to explain to you which settings are available and how you can use them.

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > tab VidaXL
  2. You must first activate your Woosa license. You have received this information from us via e-mail.
  3. Then enter the details of VidaXL. Curious where you can find these? Read how your VidaXL account works.
  4. Are you done filling in the details? Then the real configuration starts!


Additional info
Check order status
How often should the (shipping) status of an order be checked?
  • Twice a day
  • Daily
Send orders
At what time must the order be forwarded to VidaXL for shipment?
  • When order is paid
  • When order is on hold
  • When order is completed
  • Never, disable sending orders automatically
Price percentage
Margin on top of the purchase price as a percentage
Only numbers
Price amount
Margin on top of the purchase price as a fixed amount
Only numbers

Additional info
Min. price
Minimum purchase price of the product that can be imported
Only numbers
Max. price
Maximum purchase price of the product that can be imported
Only numbers
The default SKU from VidaXL is imported. You can set your own code for this.
Numbers and letters
Sold out products
What to do with products that are not in stock at VidaXL.
  • Exclude
  • Set on concept

Existing products

It may happen that you edit the product title and/or description. In that case you obviously don't want this information to be overwritten with the next update.

Update title
Enable to overwrite
Update description
Enable to overwrite
Update SKU-prefix
Enable to overwrite
Update images
Enable to overwrite


You now have everything configured to start importing products from VidaXL. Curious about how to import products? Read the article: Import products from VidaXL.

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