API Information

After the activation of the 'VidaXL for WooCommerce' plugin, the VidaXL API requires some information in order to function.

Allow Orders from. *
Configure the country you want to allow orders from. Usually this is the same country that you set in your VidaXL account.

Email address. *
Enter the e-mail address that you also used for your VidaXL account.

API Token. *
Enter the API Token from your VidaXL account.

Test mode
Enable or Disable the test mode.

Test Email address
When you want to test, enter the e-mail address from your VidaXL Test account. Test API TokenWhen you want to test, enter the API Token from your VidaXL Test account.

* Mandatory fields.

Step 1:

You can find your VidaXL API Token by logging in to your VidaXL account. Click in the top right corner on My Account.

Step 2:

Scroll down on your My Account page to locate your API Token. Click on Show API Token to see the API Token.

Step 3:

When you found your API Token, enter it in the 'VidaXL for WooCommerce' plugin settings.

Don't forget to enter your e-mail address that is connected to your VidaXL account.

Step 4:

When you entered all the required information, click on Save changes.

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